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Need an Electrician?

If you live in or own a business in Nashua, New Hampshire and need an electrician, waste no time in calling a team that is going to give you prompt, quality service and call Cote Electric. Whether you need light bulbs changed, a new service panel added, heating/cooling wired or security system installed in your retail establishment, Cote Electric is the team that will get it done professionally, on time and within budget. When it comes to residential work, and you need a security system installed, a home automation system installed or upgraded, or additional electrical outlets, Cote has a
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Generators in NH… a necessity!

With the winter hitting us hard this winter, and snow totals rising steadily here in the North East, the likelihood of a power outage becomes all too real! Sales for generators in NH have steadily climbed since 2010, when we had a record snowfall in October. Nothing is worse than sitting at the dinner table with your family, everyone laughing, smiling and discussing the day, when suddenly you are plunged into darkness! Realizing you just lost power, you start scrambling for flashlights, hoping that the batteries are still good. In an instant, you feel helpless. It is very easy to
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