While employed as an electrician and Traffic Signal foreman for the City of Manchester’s Traffic Department, Ron Cote had a vision that he could better implement his knowledge and talent in the private sector.

In May of 1987, Ronald M. Cote Electrical Services was born.  Still employed by the City of Manchester, Ron would ply his trade on nights and weekends.

Quality workmanship and attention to customer needs soon developed a steady and growing customer base that required more attention.  By the end of 1988, two full-time employees were brought on board while Ron still maintained his employment with the City of Manchester.

Cote Electric TrucksBy October of 1994, the work force was now at four full-time employees and Ron knew it was time to devote all his energy to his burgeoning business.  It was at this time he became the fifth full-time electrician for Ronald M. Cote Electrical Services.

While Ron was plying his trade and growing his business another electrician, Ray Cote had developed a quality electrical contracting business named Cote Electric that was based in Goffstown, NH.  Ray passed away in 1999 from a motorcycle accident.  Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family always.

In November of 2001, Ron changed the business name from Ronald M. Cote Electrical Services to Cote Electric, LLC.  Ron always admired the former owner, Ray Cote’s work ethic and quality and knew he could proudly maintain the Cote Electric, LLC name that had become synonymous with quality and professional service.

Today Cote Electric, LLC has grown to a business of 15 employees and covers a large range of electrical services.  We hope you’ll come to know us and give us a chance to serve you with all your electrical needs.