Cold Weather Kits for Generators

Home Generators for the Winter


Does your generator run sluggish on cold mornings? Does it take a long time to start up? Does the red light come on causing you to reset it often?

If you said yes to any of these questions, you need a Cold Weather Kit.

The Cold Weather Kit is a heater unit that is placed under the battery and on the oil filter which heats the oil, engine block and battery in weather under 30 degrees. The main purpose of the cold weather kit is to keep your generator running in prime condition. It’s important to make sure that your generator is ready to go at any time during the cold winter months. A generator is a helpful insurance policy against spending the night in a hotel or your cold dark home. If you have a standby generator outside, make sure it’s clear of snow and ice and ensure that the vents don’t get clogged by debris.

Cold Weather Kits are $325 installed, contact Cote Electric today at (603) 624-7970 or fill out our contact form for more information! Make sure your home is ready for the winter months coming up!