Did you know that Cote Electric LLC does LED parking lot light replacements? We do!

LEDsWhat is the benefit of LED lighting? If you are a business owner and pay your electric bill, the biggest benefit to LED lighting is that severely reduced cost of bright lighting. LED lighting can supply bright, quality lighting to all areas of a parking lot with reduced energy consumption. A typical normal incandescent bulb, such as a 60 watt bulb, uses 60 watts of electricity. In comparison, an LED bulb with the same brightness and light quality uses 6 to 8 watts of electricity. If you break this down into per year numbers, an incandescent bulb uses 3285 KWH per year, while an LED bulb of the same power will use only 329 KWH per year. If you crunch the numbers, this can offer huge savings in terms of electricity! This is especially beneficial for parking structures as well as parking lots and building exteriors.

LED lighting is also rated for long-time usage, meaning your overall replacement of bulbs will be drastically lowered. One LED bulb on average can last 50,000 hours, as opposed to a normal incandescent bulb that on average can last 1,200 hours. In comparison, a compact fluorescent bulb (or CFL) can last on average 8,000 hours.

As an added benefit, LED lighting does not emit nearly as much heat as an incandescent bulb, which helps to extend the lifetime of the bulb. LED bulbs are also not sensitive to temperatures, are not sensitive to humidity, and turn on instantly, as opposed to a CFL which may take time to “warm up” and reach full brightness.

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