Swimming Pool

Whether you are wiring an above ground pool or an in ground pool it is required by state law to hire a licensed electrician

This should be common sense but every year we are called by people who attempt to do their own pool wiring then call us when there’s problems. 

Even worse is when an accident occurs and the homeowner’s insurance tells you they will not cover the loss due to no permit and no proof of installation by a licensed electrician. 

Codes require specific grounding for the pool wall, pump motor, appliances such as heaters and even the water, that’s right, you must bond the water too. In ground installation also require grounding for wet niche fixtures, rebar, ladders, slides, diving boards and fencing.  Further requirements are in place for dedicated GFCI circuits for the motor, general purpose outlets and lighting in and around the pool. 

When a homeowner asks what they can do to save money on the installation I always recommend they do their own trenching. This saves the electrician time and you money. 

Also, always ask to have a time clock installed. Most pools only require 6 hours a day of filter operation to remain clean. Why run that pump 24/7? We recommend the pump be on 7 to 10 AM and 7 to 10 PM each day. 

All time clocks come with an override switch which should be used to turn a pool filter on during heavy use such as a pool party or a bunch of children enjoying and afternoon swim. 

By using this switch the clock will still turn off the motor on the next off cycle. 

So go ahead and buy that pool. It’s a great investment in family fun. 

But please, leave the installation to the professionals!