Commercial GeneratorsSo once you’ve decided you want to get a power generator using part 1, there are a few things you want to consider. The first is what kind of power generator you would like. There are commonly portable generators, which come on wheels and can generate a limited amount of power usually to power essential items. The second common kind is a standby generator, which is directly tied into your electricity by a licensed electrician such as Cote Electric LLC’s professional electricians, and switches over to the generator as soon as you lose power.

Standby generators are typically powerful enough to power your entire home, and can sometimes be a lot pricier than portable generators, so some may consider this kind of generator a luxury item, but for individuals who don’t want the hassle of pulling out the portable generator and plugging in just what they need, a standby generator may be the best option. A standby generator may also be an optimal choice for the elderly, as the worry-free approach and lack of moving an item can simplify things for elders who may not understand how to operate a generator, or who cannot lift and move the portable generator. Cote Electric LLC can help you decide which generator may suit your needs best. We offer a large variety of Generac generators for commercials, residential, and portable usage.

It is important to note that both portable and standby generators need to be kept outside of the home. Because both generators run on gasoline, like a car, they can produce noxious fumes such as carbon monoxide that can suffocate if kept in a confined space with living beings.

Generac has a great calculator for homeowners to help figure out which kind of generator will benefit them most.

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