Power-Save 1200 Installation

The Power-Save 1200 saves families up to 25% on their electric bill every month without sacrificing normal energy consumption and the comforts it provides.  

What if…
you could conserve energy without changing your lifestyle?    

We are your number one source for an electrician in Nashua NHThe Power-Save 1200 unit is designed to provide significant savings on electric bills, increase the life of electrical motors and provide surge protection for the entire home or facility.

The Power-Save 1200 unit fine tunes electrical systems by reducing electrical energy waste.  Using methods employed at large industrial complexes, now reduced to a compact consumer-level unit, you can reclaim and recycle electrical energy in your home or business.

Customers using the Power-Save 1200 unit have realized savings of up to 25% on their home or small business monthly power bills.

Not only does the Power-Save 1200 unit save money on power, but it actually extends the life of all inductive equipment by protecting against power surges and increasing their capacity to the electrical panel by making it run cooler.

How does it work?

The Power-Save 1200 unit increases power factor by reducing the amount of reactive power that the load draws from the utility company.  When an electrical device is being used, it asks the utilities transformer for power (voltage and amperage) to run.  This demand for power runs through the wiring, through the panel box, into the meter and down the lines to the transformer.  This demand for power heats up and strains the motors and wiring.  This heat (12R losses) is watts.  When the Power-Save 1200 unit is installed, it stores and releases the amount of power each electric motor needs to function properly, thus reducing heat on the wiring system and the motor itself.  Lowering this heat will reduce your electric bill, reduce the chance of fire and increase the life of the motors used in your home.

Power-Save 1200 units store the reactive power needed for the creation of the EMF within the inductive load.  As a motor operates, this reactive power is “pulled” and “pushed” to and from the Power-Save 1200 unit by the motor.  The amount of reactive power purchased from the utility company by power factor optimization is greatly reduced or eliminated when the Power-Save 1200 unit is installed.

The Power-Save 1200 unit is a UL listed product, has a five-year warranty, and with up to 25% energy savings, has a potential return on investment in twelve months or less.  Lower monthly electric bills, decreased heat dissipation in all inductive load appliances thus extending their productive life cycle, and complete power surge protection for your entire home or office are all benefits from its use.  The beauty of this system is that you can take it with you when you move!


  • Save Up To 25% On Your Electric Bill Monthly; Over 7000 Satisfied Customers
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Pays For Itself In Under One Year
  • Eliminates Power Surges
  • Increases Motor And Appliance Life
  • UL Listed
  • 5-Year Warranty

Easy Installation!

The Power-Save 1200 unit is attached to a newly installed 20-amp circuit breaker into your standard 200-amp service panel.  The unit can be installed indoors or outdoors, at the main breaker panel or at a sub-panel in the home.  By installing the Power-Save 1200 unit in this location, you are hitting both sides of the bus bar in your panel, ensuring whole-house surge protection.