A Wild TurkeyAround this time of year, a lot of people have many things to be thankful for. Friends, family, a roof over your head, a job… It clearly doesn’t stop there. While we here at Cote Electric are thankful for all of the above, plus our wonderful customers and clients, we can’t help but think about how thankful we are for electricity. We deal with electrical work every day, so of course it’s on our minds!

Imagine, if you will, the first Thanksgiving. It was very different from what kind of Thanksgiving we have today. Imagine gathering outside during daylight hours to prepare and eat your meal. No doubt it was as chilly outside as it was now — it did happen in November! Since the original pilgrims only had candles for lighting, and fires for warmth, they had to make use of daylight hours to bake, clean, and prepare their Thanksgiving meal. Imagine that!

Now imagine, a little later, how Thanksgiving would have been celebrated once light bulbs had been invented. The first lightbulb was invented in 1802, but it wasn’t commercially produced until 1880. That’s 260 years without anything except candlelight! Even then, only the rich really had electricity in the late 1800s, and it only became more commonplace after World War I.

It’s crazy to think it’s only been about 100 years since electricity wasn’t a common thing in the home. Can you imagine a home without electricity, without electric heat, without computers or cell phones? We have a hard time thinking about it too. It was a different world, then, where you’d have to make do with available natural light and light torches where you couldn’t.

We’re glad we can flip a switch and illuminate any room! It’s clear to see how easy it is to be thankful for electricity. Now just imagine in the future — what kind of things do you think people will be thankful for then?